Recruitment Opportunities at Asda

Published: 11th May 2011
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In general terms, the days of the friendly local grocery store on every corner have long gone. Today grocery shopping is dominated by the giants of retail - the supermarket chains. Of course, in terms

of supermarkets, they donít come much bigger than Asda! Recently taken over by an even bigger American based retail and wholesale giant Wal-Mart, the Asda chain has grown and opened further stores across the UK, resulting in something of a recruitment drive which has been welcomed in these particularly troubled economic times in the UK. In fact, in a recent press release, Asda pledged to create 7,500 new jobs in the UK for 2011 alone!

Large companies/employers like Asda often conduct recruitment drives seasonally, particularly during Christmas, when extra staff are required to cope with the additional business. However Asda have

recently taken over all the Netto stores in the UK so recruiting right now.

Asda operate a very formal recruitment model after taking advice from external agencies. The recruitment process is very structured and takes place at many different levels. The criteria that

Asda uses to identify the best applicants for employment ensures all new employees are interested in the company's future and helps to guarantee a successful future for the company as a whole.

There are many varied and interesting roles available working with Asda stores in the UK. Due to continued expansion, new roles are also being created all the time. The main role everyone associates

with Asda is of course the traditional "Shopfloor Colleague". Bakers, drivers, pizza makers, administrators, warehouse pickers, checkout operators - the range of these hourly-paid store roles is huge (probably far wider than you imagined). You can also choose between a full time, part time or seasonal roles to suit whatever looks best for you.

Asda can take you on a career journey that can lead to wherever you want to go. There are ample opportunities to progress very quickly. Some of the senior managers in Asda started out stacking shelves, so anything is possible!

All Asda roles start with their award-winning 'Best Welcome' induction event, where you find out all about Asda and begin to understand what makes the organisation so unique. Followed by a 12-week on the job training programme.

There are many different positions available, throughout Asda stores and depots. From working on the checkout, to home delivery drivers. In addition to the shopfloor positions there are opportunities in

buying, merchandising, design and management. There is bound to be a role that will suit everyone!

To find about more about Asda and their recruitment process, please contact Asda customer services please visit Asda customer service and recruitment contact details

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